Employment Law

Structuring Employee benefits and Stock Options, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Offer Letter. Central Administration Tribunal, Leave Policy, Government Employees, Employee Stock Options, Labour Laws, HR Policy, Background Check Reports, Termination.

Stock Options for Employees

Employees need to be motivated and feel owner of the Company. At the same time, the company interest needs to be protected. Jotwani Associates is an expert in designing a balance and structuring Stock Options for organizations.

Employee Benefits

We design the policies around Employee Commission, Incentives, Provident Fund, Medical Insurance, Vehicle, Laptops, Cell Phones, Gratuity, Leave Policy, etc.

Employee Investigations

Whether it is employee background check, data theft, policy violations, criminal antecedents check, etc. We support all kinds of discreet investigations into employee check.

HR Manual

Jotwani Associates has assisted companies in preparing and formulating HR manual that clearly defines the companies policies and procedures. These manuals are structured

Government and Public Sector Employees

The Central and State Government of India has separate rules for its employees that govern their service and salary conditions. The law firm has practice to handle both litigation as well as non-litigation work to assist Government employees.