Cyber Law

Jotwani Associates services for Cyber Laws includes:

Take Downs

Jotwani Associates monitors the world wide web and assists hundreds of clients worldwide in taking down infringed, objectionable, vulgar or defamatory content from the websites.

Domain Name Retrieval

Unique monitoring and retrieval tools can assist in retrieval of infringed domain names anywhere in the World. We also assist in filing UDRP Petitions at WIPO.

Forensic and E-Discovery

Hard Drive Examination for hidden Evidence; Retrieval of evidence from deleted data; Employee sabotage and hacking of Systems; Detecting infringed software for piracy actions.

Cyber Crimes

Assistance in investigations for Fraud, and Cyber Crimes; Password hacking crimes; pornography and vulgar postings; infringement or piracy over the internet; Credit card embezzlements.

More information about the Jotwani Associates Cyber Law Practice: Domain Name Retrievals; Cyber Crimes; Cyber Investigations; Content Removal from Social Media; E-Discovery; Forensics; UDRP Petitions; Password hacking and Child Pornography crimes; Internet and Mobile Phones assisted Crimes; Cell Phone hacking; Virus ingestion crimes; Credit Card misuse; Hard Drive Examinations; Litigation in the Court; Similar Domain name bookings.