Jotwani Associates is filing, prosecuting and registering Trademarks for more than 2-decades. Our success rate of registering marks is among the highest in the country and we capture nearly 8% of the total Trademarks market in India. Contact us for more information on Trademark Services.

I.  Jotwani Associates Legal Services with respect to Madrid Protocol marks are as under:

  • Legal support in case of objections and opposition
  • Hearing at Trademark office
  • Trademark watch services
  • File and prosecute oppositions of similar marks
  • Rectification of pre-existing registrations
  • Track your filings and send across reminders

II.  The Documentation required for our Attorney are:

  • Signed Letter of Authority
  • Usage details (if applicable)
  • Prior registration details (if applicable)

You can send the scanned copies of documents or information by email to our email id  or email at or call at India Contact Number : +91 9667620227, US Contact Number : +1 312 488 1342

III.  Our Special Charges for marks under Madrid Protocol are :

S    No. Description of services Official fees (USD) and expenses Attorney fees


1 Preparation and submission of response in case of objections NIL 500
2 Hearing at Trademark office 100 450
3 Trademark watch services (Per mark per class) NIL @ USD 100 per annum
4 File opposition /rectification /removal 100 250
5 Filing of counterstatement in opposition proceedings and further prosecution (excluding hearing) 100 250
6 Docketing of your file/reminders NIL NIL