Jotwani Associates services include:

  1. Drafting and Filing Patent Application

    We work in almost all technological areas to draft Patent Applications and protect your valuable inventions. Before taking up your Inventions (Invention Disclosure Form), we do send across a Non-Disclosure Undertaking to assure you of protection of your Inventions.

  2. Prior Art Searches

    Jotwani Associates is subscribed to paid databases that enables intelligent results for your Inventions.

  3. Freedom to Operate Studies

    A very essential study for startups or Companies launching new products or going to new markets. These studies require not only “Technological” acumen, but also require “Business Knowledge”. Where could you have all this talent present at one place? – Ofcourse, do talk to Jotwani Associates team.

  4. PCT National Phase filings

    Currently, Jotwani Associates LLP files, prosecutes and maintains scores of PCT National Phase filings in India. One of the top prolific filers of PCT in India, Jotwani Associates uses several cloud based tools for giving reminders to its clients so that its clients have never miss any deadlines. It’s success rate at the Indian Patent Office being 95-percent.

More Information about our Patent Services: Jotwani Associates is engaged by some of the big technology companies and performs services like, Prior art searches, Patent Drafting, Patent filings, USPTO Office Action, Freedom to Operate Studies -FTO, Obtaining Foreign Filing License (FFL), Valuation of Patents, Due diligence on Intellectual Property, Form-25 : Annual Statement of Working of Patents to be filed at Indian Patent Office, Patent annuities, Patent and Trademark Filings, PCT National Phase filings in India.

We have Patent Attorneys from top engineering colleges, including IITs, to give shape to our Patent Applications. JA uses impeccable quality in preparing, claiming and filing Patent applications. We also conduct regular Patent Training and Brainstorming sessions for startups to ignite a Patent Program in the Company.